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When the technique's time runs out, Cia releases an explosion of energy. Focus Spirit Attack: Alternatively, by performing a special attack during Focus Spirit, Cia can summon four sigils that each fire a laser of dark energy forward, decimating foes and dealing heavy damage in a. Volga Hyrule Warriors Cia’s right-hand man gave his soul to the dark witch and was rewarded with immense power. He is consumed by fiery energy when he. 2014/06/26 · The primary antagonist of the Hyrule Warriors story, Cia is an evil witch that used to be good. Her main motives for kidnapping Princess Zelda was because she wanted Link for herself. Cia has apparently been possessed. Steam Workshop: Source Filmmaker. Originally ported by MoogleOutFitters for XNALara, here's Cia, the sultry villainous of Hyrule Warriors. Whenever AO is activated, she has a black spot on her collarbone. Not really sure how to fix t.

Cia Character Guide Credit to /u/Ransom-ii Cia was automatically unlocked with the first game update, and should be available at any time in adventure or legend mode. Cia is a character with some massive attributes and I could. Hyrule Warriors Legends - USA RF.CIA Entra em combate com as lendas mais poderosas de Hyrule em Hyrule Warriors: Legends, em exclusivo para afamília de consolas Nintendo 3DS. Derrota legiões de inimigos com ataques com movimentos de Dynasty Warriors, e alterna entre as várias personagens favoritas dos fãs para melhorares as tuas estratégias.

Hyrule Warriors Le bras droit de Cya a donné son âme à la sombre sorcière et a reçu, en récompense, un pouvoir immense. Le pouvoir du feu le consume lorsqu'il affronte ses ennemis avec ses. Hyrule Warriors Legends In Hyrule Warriors Legends, it is revealed that after Ganon's defeat, Lana returns to the Valley of Seers to search for Cia, who had mysteriously vanished after her defeat. While she is distracted by her. Hyrule Warriors: Legends é um jogo difícil de classificar. Por um lado, as alterações feitas na jogabilidade e a adição de conteúdo tornam-no numa versão superior a Hyrule Warriors na Wii U. Contudo, a inexistência de um modo.

¡Los mayores guerreros de Hyrule se unen para acabar con las hordas del mal! Las batallas musou de Hyrule Warriors para Wii U se adaptan a Nintendo 3DS en esta versión definitiva, manteniendo intacta la experiencia jugable e. -Descripción-Hyrule Warriors: Legends es un juego de acción masiva al estilo Dynasty Warriors que cuenta con la ambientación y los personajes de The Legend of Zelda, en el que lucharemos contra enormes ejércitos y jefes.

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