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STARZ Premium Add-On Available to Stream Live on Hulu, with On-Demand Access to All of Network’s Original Series, Popular Movies and Documentaries “OUTLANDER” SEASON FOUR TO DEBUT ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4. Feature, Network and Premium Add-ons help you get even more out of your Hulu subscription. Whether you’re looking to accommodate the needs of a big family or interested in more of the latest and greatest content, we’re confident. Hulu today announced another add-on channel for its streaming service — STARZ. Which we're not going to capitalize from here on out because we're grown-ups. It's available along with any of Hulu's streaming plans — including. Starz is the fourth add-on for Hulu customers, and is the cheapest over other add-on channels at $8.99 per month. Adding Starz to their platforms will guarantee Hulu subscribers to original, live Starz and Starz Encore series and their. Starz is coming to Hulu — just in time for the fourth season premiere of Outlander on Nov. 4. Beginning today, Hulu subscribers can add Starz to their subscription plans and gain access to the network’s live Starz and Starz Encore.

2018/01/25 · Alternatively, you can subscribe to Hulu with Live TV, which is exactly what it sounds like. It costs $39.99 per month and comes with a limited Hulu subscription, unlocking the aforementioned Starz shows as well as on-demand. 2018/11/14 · Got a free month of Starz with a new subscription to Hulu with Live TV. Problem is.every Starz channel freezes up, at least once per minute, making it unwatchable!!! Spent a total of 5 hrs. with Hulu, on Chat, then on the phone.

2019/03/29 · Hulu channels: The add-ons Hulu with Live TV is notably lacking in add-on channels. You can subscribe to three premium movie channels at fairly standard prices—HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime—but you won’t be able to add or. Watch TV shows and movies online. Stream TV episodes of South Park, Empire, SNL, Modern Family and popular movies on your favorite devices. Start your free trial now. Cancel anytime. 2018/10/25 · We're welcoming STARZ to the Hulu family. ABOUT STARZ ON HULU In addition to all the live and on-demand content included in your Hulu with Live TV subscription, you can also add STARZ to your subscription.

Hulu is adding Starz and Starz Encore to its list of premium add on networks. Starting Tuesday, subscribers to Hulu's live and on-demand services can pay $8.99 to add the Lionsgate-owned premium networks to their channel lineup. Hulu-billed subscribers can manage their plan and add-ons directly through our website. There may be different steps if you’re billed by a third party. To make changes to your subscription: Log in to your Account page on a web. Learn about the devices you can use to access the HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and SHOWTIME Add-ons on Hulu. Welcome to the Hulu Help Center New to Hulu? Click here to find the top things you'll want to know before signing up.

Foodies, DIYers and reality TV junkies unite! Live TV subscribers can now get more lifestyle content at their fingertips with our Entertainment Add-on, for an additional $7.99/month. After adding it to your Hulu plan, you’ll be able to. 2018/10/23 · Starz is joining Hulu’s live TV subscription as an optional $8.99 monthly add-on. It’s the latest premium cable company to offer its content and channels on the over-the-top streaming service. 2018/10/23 · “Outlander” fans will be able to watch the new season on Hulu. The streaming service has added Starz to its lineup of premium add-ons, just in time for the season four premiere of the time-travel fantasy on Nov. 4. 2018/10/24 · STARZ and Hulu announced the launch of the STARZ premium add-on ahead of Outlander Season 4.

Hulu CMO Kelly Campbell Discusses Viewer Engagement Lionsgate, IDC Renew Distribution Partnership for Latin America The Starz premium add-on is available with all of Hulu’s subscription plans including Hulu With Live TV $39. All of these Hulu channels are included in their basic package. At this point, there is only one main base package, with the option to add on expansion packs and premium channels described below. Hulu Add-On Channels – $7. 2018/03/08 · Starz's great shows are among the best reasons to sit down and watch TV -- but they're not a reason to pay for cable, because you don't need cable to get Starz! Here's how to watch Starz. 2017/10/09 · While the Starz app is easy to use and affordable, sometimes people prefer to keep their streaming narrowed down to one app. Thankfully, many premium movie channels, including Starz, are available as add-ons for live TV. Hulu and Roku are a great pairing, and together they're sure to entertain you. Hulu on-demand starts at $6 a month for those wanting a big catalog. Hulu with Live TV.

2018/10/24 · Starz, a Lionsgate company, and US streaming service Hulu have announced the launch of the Starz premium add-on, available on all of Hulu’s subscription plans, just in time for the upcoming season four premiere of the.

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